General Information – Log files –  log files , as well as many other sites we collect and use data from the log files . This information might contain your IP , which browser and operational system you use , in what time you have visited our website , as well as webpages you’ve visited within our website .


Cookies – this is a piece of information that the web server send to the browser and it saves it  . This allows us to collect feedback information from your browser . You can our website cookies and also cookies from third party pages through an option in any web browser . Through the use of cookies we save your customization data in our website such as settings and access logs . More information about cookies you can find at:


Web beacons – those are files which allows a certain website to collect information about the number of visitors and to have access to their cookies . More information about we beacons you can find at :


You can always turn off cookies from our website and from third party sites in your web browser . In that case its possible some of our services in the website to misbehave .

For more information about what kind of information can a third party collect via our website , please visit the following web pages :


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