Business customers

Business customers

Join our Business Customer Program and get up to 40% off.

First-class service

You always get the best service and your own dedicated manager who takes care of your requirements 24/7, 365 days per year.

Flexible business conditions

You are just one phone call away from booking, changing or canceling your reservation for free 24/7, 365 days per year.

Preferential prices

With our business customer program you always get the best prices and you get up to 40% off the regular price.

A solution for every business

With a long-term rental – for more than 45 days, you get the benefits of renting without its disadvantages.

Each of our business customers receives an instant 10% discount on short-term car rental.


What is a long term rental?

Long term rental

This is a service where the minimum rental period is 45 days without deadline to return the vehicle and you always get what you need.

Choosing a vehicle to rent

You have the freedom to get the right vehicle(s) according to your business needs. You can take higher or lower class vehicle at any time.

The best price

Being part of our business customers with long-term rentals you get the best prices without extra fees and conditions.

Benefits of leasing a car

You get all the benefits of the leasing, without its disadvantages. There is no down payment and you have the freedom to change the vehicle at any time and of course we take care of its maintenance.

You can change the vehicle at any time
Best prices with up to 40% off
No down payment
Full control and flexibility
No deadline and no limit of renting

Why a long-term rental?

We try to meet your needs through a long-term rental and instead of leasing, we offer you a completely flexible contract, tailored to your needs. Can you predict where your business will be 4 years from now? Circumstances change as quickly and dynamically as your needs. A long-term rental lets you change your vehicle to fit your business needs and growth.

You can choose a car from our fleet – from economy and working class to luxury and SUV at any time. We know how important certainty and flexibility is for a business, thus we take care of insurance, technical inspection, service and travel assistance when needed.

Personal manager

You get a personal manager who is on a phone call or an e-mail away to change, cancel or make a new reservation.

Discounts and preferential prices

You get prices and discounts only valid for our corporate clients. Convenient monthly payments.

Free cancellation

As our business customer, you can cancel any reservation for free.

Business customers

Your benefits of being a Business Customer

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